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As entrepreneurs we are busy in our businesses and in our personal lives. It seems as though something is always demanding our time and attention, right. 


Well, now we can relax just a bit because we no longer have to do everything on our own. 

Thanks to the advancements in technology a lot of business tasks that we spend time on can be automated. 

Yaayy! That means more time with our families while knowing that our business is still being taken care of.... Read More




By Tequila Myers       6/19/2016


                      8 Things I Wish I Knew Before Writing My first Book

We've all had that one journey we set out to conquer only to find out we didnt know as much as we thought we did or think about all the little details involved. I can't even tell you how many times I've been there done that. But you know what? Each and every time I kept moving forward. I learned that what you need to know will come when you really need it- the knowledge you need to get to E, F, and G isn't as critical to learn when you're still at A, B, and C. This taught me to have patience, slow down, and to stop trying to put the cart before the horse..... Read More

By Tequila Myers       5/29/2016


                                       Your Future Is Calling! Will You Answer?


Your future is calling and it has a lot to say. It knows exactly what your struggling with right now in your business and has a lot of answers that you can begin to implement right away to see the change you have been looking for. The problem is, you don't know any of this and honestly you cringe with fear when thinking about how your future looks right now. 


Well, either you're gonna answer it or let it go to voicemail, but you've gotta make the decision right now.... Read More...
































By Tequila Myers 2/20/2016 


5 Ways To Leverage Intentional Action To Get You Closer To Success


Being comfortable has always been something I just couldn't get used to. I feel like there is always something to conquer, something new to experience, a new adventure- I think I have a hard time staying in the same place for too long. Thats why it's so important for us to always continue to work on becoming a better version of ourselves every day. Living and being intentional in your life and purpose can be fulfilling yet frustrating, its all in your approach and the process you follow.... Read More



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By Tequila Myers 2/13/2016

Interactions Create Impact and Influence In Our lives.

      Now that you've read my bio and know a little more about me, let me tell you why I started to blog. I think we can all agree that learning can be fun, at least when we are learning about something that peaks our interest. Often times, we learn from watching someone else. You have your way, I have my way, and we all think our way is the best way. Whether it’s learning from my interactions with others by sharing experiences, reading books and magazines, watching a video, or doing research online, I love learning new things.....Read More

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